C California Style

Snapshots of The Golden State

by C California Style

as seen through the eyes of its biggest fans.

Vanessa Prager

Following her sold-out solo exhibition, “Voyeur,” in N.Y.C., the L.A.
talent (and sister of photographer Alex Prager) is quickly winning over the art world with her dense, sculptural oil paintings. Inspired by her environs, she notes, “California has the most amazing light—it’s bright and saturated and there’s a constant slight haze that fuzzes any imperfections.” Spoken like a true artist. vprager.com.

Palm Springs

“One of my favorite weekend trips—it has that movie-set feeling.”

Hauser Wirth & Schimmel

“This gallery’s arrival seems to mark a definite shift in the L.A. art scene.”
901 E. Third St., L.A., 213-943-1620; hauserwirthschimmel.com.

Inner-City Arts
“A hidden oasis in the center of Downtown.”
720 Kohler St., L.A., 213-627-9621; inner-cityarts.org.

The Theatre at Ace Hotel

“A hidden oasis in the center of Downtown.”
720 Kohler St., L.A., 213-627-9621; inner-cityarts.org.

Hollywood Bowl
“Perfect weather and endless talent both here and
traveling through makes a place like this possible.”
2301 Highland Ave., L.A., 323-850-2000; hollywoodbowl.com.

en Soie
“It’s run by a family of women who make the most luxurious silk clothes.”
3333 Sunset Blvd., L.A., 323-662-0985; ensoie.com.

Fourth Street Bridge
“The combination of railroad, hard concrete of the river, graffiti and blue skies is a constant inspiration.”


“I can’t get enough of chef Craig Thornton’s small undisclosed house location where he serves about 20 people in an open kitchen/dining room.” wolvesmouth.com.

Around My Studio

“Boyle Heights is very peaceful for Downtown and a perfect working environment.”



Edited by Lindsay Kindelon.
PHOTOS: Vanessa Prager.