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Triple Berry Swirl PHOTO: Courtesy of Kippy's Ice Cream Shop
Key Lime Pie. PHOTO: Courtesy of Kippy's Ice Cream Shop
Double Dark Cherry Chip. PHOTO: Courtesy of Kippy's Ice Cream Shop
Vanilla Cappuccino with Coco Shell topping. PHOTO: Courtesy of Kippy's Ice Cream Shop

A la Mode

by intern

Kippy’s organic nondairy ice cream boosts body, mind and spirit.

Kippy Miller, co-founder of Truly Raw Gourmet and Kippy’s! Ice Cream Shop, spent a good part of her early 30s in a dark room wearing an eye mask, attempting to ward off or subdue major migraine headaches. She was living the fast-paced New York lifestyle, working in fashion and subsisting on a diet of stress, salads and vodka sodas. In 2004, she packed it in and headed west to decompress in the L.A. sunshine, adopt a more conscious diet and reclaim her health, but the migraines only escalated. Months later, she was introduced to pure, raw coconut cream and within weeks of adding the plant-based fat to her diet, the headaches disappeared, never to return. “Coconut cream—being a raw saturated fat, removes plaque from the brain,” says Miller. “These fats feed the brain and detoxify the system.” Miller believes she was suffering from malnutrition and when the raw fats were added, her health elevated—more energy, better digestion and a dramatically improved sense of well-being. She became the passionate poster child for raw coconut cream.

Kippy’s! Ice Cream Shop, in the trendy Lincoln and Rose district of Venice, has become somewhat of a local phenomenon. The die-hard regulars arrive daily for favorite flavors and on Friday mornings for the few jars of raw coconut cream Miller produces for sale—the blue-ribbon ingredient at the base of her product (Kippy’s is closed Thursdays so the team can crack 2,000 mature, organic coconuts and make the week’s supply of coconut cream by hand). “My customers say they are addicted to the ice cream but they’re really addicted to the powerful plant-based fat and the feeling they get from eating it,” says Miller. “Raw honey also adds living enzymes, vitamins and a complexity of flavor from the forage of flowers—our flavors are nuanced in a way that other sweeteners can’t touch.”  

Miller and business partner Max Wolf met in 2005 at Venice’s now-defunct, private raw-food market, Rawesome Foods. They shared a passion for raw coconut cream, discovered it made an excellent substitute for dairy, and began producing small batches of ice cream under the brand name Truly Raw Gourmet, which they sold to Pacific Coast Greens, Co-op Natural Foods, and eventually 45 Whole Foods locations. In 2013, they opened Kippy’s! Ice Cream Shop and moved production for Truly Raw Gourmet into the same facility. The goal is to rebrand the entire product line under the Kippy’s name and establish 400 ice cream shops across America—an ambitious task, especially since Miller has no intention of cutting corners on the painstaking production process. “It’s so uninspiring to open a frozen bag of fruit and dump it into another bag of premade sugar and put it in an ice cream machine,” says Miller. “Our business model depends on artisanal production—every Kippy’s flavor requires the freshest ingredients, has its own recipe and is hand-marinated on site—no fillers, no preservatives, no dairy, no soy, no gluten, no frozen anything. It’s just the way we work with food.”

Kippy’s mouthwatering flavors include a Vanilla Cappuccino sans the coffee (Miller uses Guatemalan Ramon Dust, a roasted fruit pit from a tree of the same name that tastes exactly like coffee but without the acidity); fan favorite Orange Creamsicle is flavored with fresh Malibu-grown oranges. Toppings are similarly inspired. Coco Shell is made from coconut oil, cacao and raw honey. Heirloom bananas and organic goji and mulberries are also available trimmings. Earlier this year, Miller whipped up a week’s worth of specialty concoctions for an “ice cream cleanse” featuring a superfoods flavor with bee pollen and cinnamon, a coconut yogurt packed with probiotics, a hydrating dark chocolate with Himalayan pink salt, and a Master Cleanse-style lemon and cayenne flavor.

“Sustainability is critical in the modern diet,” says Miller. “However you promote spinach and kale, people are still going to want their sweets.” This is especially true with kids, who would often rather eat dessert than dinner. “Why not give them the most delicious sweet treat imaginable that’s truly good for them?” Why not, indeed. 310-399-4871; kippysicecream.com