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How Flexpower is redefining pain relief and promoting an active lifestyle for everybody

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Originally formulated to steer world-class athletes away from oral pain medication and toward powerful topical products, Flexpower has today grown from a cult brand to one embraced by people of all ages and lifestyles.

Founded 20 years ago by athlete and South Central Los Angeles native Rasheen Smith — whose Californian roots help inform his “feel good” ethos and natural approach to health and wellness — the line has long been a staple in the lockers of NBA, NFL and US Olympic pros because of its high-performance and non-toxic qualities and ability to treat pain at its source, using liposome technology to deliver ingredients deep into muscles and joints.


FLEXPOWER Cool eucalyptus and lime bath salts, $42, available through Studio C.


Now, people of all activity levels are reaping the benefits of the fragrance-free, active, natural topical substances in their everyday lives, in and outside of the gym, and finding relief for muscle and joint pains that range from a thrown-out back to getting out of bed on a cold morning.

Smith is furthering the sustainability-conscious brand’s inclusive approach with a fresh look and new products, such as the first-of-its-kind Soothe range of creams and bath salts, which combine arnica (the main active ingredient and primary driver behind Soothe’s calming effect) with other powerful ingredients including trolamine (same family as aspirin), CBD, glucosamine and methylsulfonylmethane. The result is a synergistic pain-relieving effect that is greater and longer-lasting than any of them could do alone.


The California-based brand is dedicated to helping people get moving and stay moving.


Flexpower is now available at Studio CC Magazine’s curated concept store of the finest made-in-California goods — where you’ll find the Warm external analgesic (Flexpower’s original game-changing product) as well as newer releases like the invigorating eucalyptus and lime Cool bath salts (a perfect end-of-day refresher).

“We’re focused,” Rasheen says, “on helping everyone embrace a brighter, healthier, more active life without pain.”


FLEXPOWER Warm scent-free pain relief, $36, available through Studio C.


July 7, 2021

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