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Body of Work

by C California Style

Bridal beauty begins on the inside for the ladies behind Manhattan Beach-based lifestyle brand Tone It Up.

In addition to making sure that invitations have been sent out, floral arrangements are selected and every other design element exceeds expectations, the bride-to-be’s main concern undoubtedly remains her appearance. From glowing skin to a sculpted body, Katrina Hodgson and Karena Dawn, health coaches of Bravo’s new television show “Toned Up,” share their three-month-long Bridal Edition program. “The number one tip we can provide is to prepare your meals ahead of time. Since you’ll be on the go during wedding planning, set yourself up to be healthy and energized with pre-packed meals and snacks,” explain the duo. Here, their countdown to the big day.


“You may not remember all the details and planning, but you’ll always remember the way you felt on your wedding day, so make yourself a priority.”

3 months Set your alarm at least four times a week to get your morning workout in. • Aim for 200 miles of walking, jogging, running, stair mill, elliptical, cycling or swimming by your wedding day (if cycling, divide your miles by three). • Cut fake sugar products from your diet. • Focus on nutrition and healthy carbs like sweet potatoes, quinoa, brown rice, whole wheat wraps and oatmeal. • Say goodbye to soda, flavored water and sugar-free coffee creamers. Instead, try coconut water and Sugar in the Raw. • Plan your meals, and don’t forget to eat!   2 months Continue working out four times a week, starting with 30 minutes of cardio and four toning sessions found in our Bridal Edition. • Stay hydrated! Drink half your body weight in ounces of water per day. • Keep a journal of what you’re eating. • Take healthy shots [recipes found on their site] like the Bridezilla Tamer, a concoction of celery and fresh cherries, and the Glowing Skin Shot, a mixture of carrot, ginger root and turmeric.  1 month Incorporate three cups of greens into your daily diet. This will help cleanse you and get your skin in tip-top shape. • Commit to your workouts and schedule them in advance as you would a cake-tasting appointment. • Replace one meal or two snacks a day with a spinach- or kale-enriched smoothie. • Drink tea to help cleanse your body, curb cravings and keep yourself from getting into sweets.  1 week Add lemon to your tea to burn extra fat. • Sweat for an hour each day, even if it means taking a long walk. • Keep all meals after 2 p.m. lean and green. “You may not remember all the details and planning, but you’ll always remember the way you felt on your wedding day, so make yourself a priority,” says the coaching team. toneitup.com.