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PHOTO: Sarah Phillips at MG Design Photography.
Gargiulo and her daughter. PHOTO: Sarah Phillips at MG Design Photography.

First Crush

by C California Style

April Gargiulo launched Vintner’s Daughter in February, a skincare line inspired by years spent at her family’s winery in Napa Valley.

“Both endeavors rely on the highest quality raw ingredients and formulating them in a way that makes the sum far greater than its parts,” Gargiulo explains. The Active Botanical Serum is an all-natural formula made up of 22 botanicals—including lemon peels, avocado oil and marigold extract that fight aging and increases skin elasticity—all bottled in a specially crafted violet glass, which filters out damaging sunlight to ensure the chemical-free ingredients stay fresh. vintnersdaughter.com.

Written by Megan Meyer.