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When Dior Beauty’s Senior VP Dianne Vavra first discovered artist

Jamie Lee Reardin’s Tim Burton-esque fashion and beauty drawings on Instagram, it was love at first scrawl. After commissioning the Hermosa Beach-based illustrator for a handful of projects (including sketching celebrities at its annual Operation Smile luncheon last year), the brand invited her to come on board as a beauty ambassador in 2014. “I was completely caught off guard as I heard ‘Paris! St. Regis! Dior suite!’ fly out of Dianne’s Dior Rouge 999-colored lips,” remembers Reardin, 30, who has worked with the likes of Moda Operandi and The Zoe Report. Beyond creating sketches for Dior Addict’s summer 2014 launch (her pieces can take anywhere from five minutes to 35 hours), she has also been spotted drawing runway looks backstage at Dior shows including, most recently, Paris Fashion Week. “I feel you can evoke strong emotions through an intense gaze,” says Reardin, who is not just paying lip service—she is herself, a devotee of the cat-eye.  dior.com; jamieleereardin.com.

By Kathryn Romeyn.
Edited by Jenny Murray.
Illustration by Jamie Lee Reardin.