C California Style

Marisa Berenson photographed by Arnaud de Rosnay in the mid-’60s.

Golden Girl

by C California Style

Dubbed an “IT GIRL” by Yves Saint Laurent in the 1970s, American actress, supermodel and jet-setting goddess Marisa Berenson shares her approach to beauty with an eponymous skin‑care line, and a holistic lifestyle book set to hit shelves late next year.

What’s your first memory of creating beauty? I’d sit at my grandmother [fashion designer] Elsa Schiaparelli’s makeup table and watch her burn the bottom of a porcelain jar, and then smudge the ash on her eyes for a mysterious effect. I achieve the same smoky look with a black eye pencil now.

What’s the inspiration behind your line?

I’ve always searched for the best natural ingredients to keep my skin healthy, and one day I discovered prickly pear seed oil, the basis for my line. It’s rich in omega-3 and -6 fatty acids and calms inflammation. I worked with my holistic doctor to create the Fabulous Oil, which also contains geranium and sandalwood essential oils. Soon, I created a whole nine-piece line—from eye contour cream to body cream—which I launched at the spa I designed at the Sofitel Marrakech hotel in 2012.

Tell us about the packaging. I wanted luxurious gold bottles that reflected energy and the sunlight. I’m launching a hair-care range next March, which will have a more colorful design.

Do you have a daily routine? I always clean my skin morning and evening, before massaging my face with my oil to stimulate the circulatory system. To start my day off, I meditate with light—having access to nature or the sun is ideal to visualize and do my affirmations. Available at Neiman Marcus, 9700 Wilshire Blvd., B.H., 310-550-5900; neimanmarcus.com; marisaberenson.com. • CAROLINE CAGNEY

PHOTO: Arnaud de Rosnay.