C California Style

Perfect Pairing

by C California Style

Balancing fitness and the finer side of life.

There’s no doubt that many of the members of the Bay Area’s popular Pilates ProWorks studios have used the promise of a glass of wine to make it through one of its famously high-energy workouts. But has anyone ever strolled through a vineyard and fantasized about exercise? Two wineries are counting on it. Starting this spring, Napa Valley’s Vineyard 29 is offering ProWorks29 adventures for private groups of 6-12. Greet the day with a Pilates-based fitness class on a terrace offering a sweeping view of the grounds, followed by a walking tour of the vineyard, a tasting and lunch. Then squeeze in some cardio at Stony Hill Vineyard’s Trek & Taste, a Chardonnay-fueled hike across the 160-acre property. Vineyard 29, 707-963-9292; Stony Hill, 707-963-2636.

Edited by Jenny Murray.