C California Style

Pony Up

by C California Style

“This hairstyle adds a simple statement to any attire,” says Sam DiVine …

co-founder of West Hollywood’s new membership-based, unlimited-service salon Society. “It’s an easy and quick way to transform your basic ponytail by bringing in a modern edge. And it can just as easily be done on yesterday’s blowout as it can on clean hair. For girls who live an active Cali lifestyle, that’s a necessity.”

     A low, undulating ponytail on the Valentino Fall 2014 runway.

          A low, undulating ponytail on the Valentino Fall 2014 runway.

PREP “If you’re starting with freshly washed hair, prep it with a light mousse—my personal favorite is Shu Uemura’s Ample Angora— to give it some hold before you blow it out. If your hair is not freshly washed, use a light dry-shampoo and then shake out the hair with your fingers.”

STYLING “The key is to keep the hair bands tight. Start with a simple low ponytail. Then tie the bands a few inches apart all the way down. If you have shorter pieces that fall out around your face, leave them, as this adds a softer element to the look. Finish it off by gently sliding the bands down and then back up into the same position to create a ‘bubbled’ effect.” 8327 Melrose Ave., WeHo, 323-655-4555; societysalons.com.

Edited by Jenny Murray.
PHOTO: Firstview.com.