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A coral lip trend featured on the site.
Byrdie homepage.
Hillary Kerr, Britt Aboutaleb and Katherine Power. PHOTO: Justin Coit.

Pretty Byrd

by intern

A bevy of beauty tips and trends from fashion-forward femmes are now just a click away.

Who What Wear co-founders Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power are the glamour girls occupying the space between beauty insiders and the makeup obsessed masses. With the launch of Byrdie, an online magazine devoted to makeup, skincare, health and hair—Kerr, Power, editor Lexy Lebsack and site director Britt Aboutaleb have created a one-stop shop. “We’re doing monthly editorials with celebrities,” says Aboutaleb of Byrdie’s much anticipated launch last month with a color story on actress Brit Marling. This month, actress Julianne Hough is the feature focus.

In addition to the celebrity angle, the L.A. ladies behind Byrdie offer advice from dermatologists, how-to videos, runway trend reports and a variety of wellness information—presented in the same stylish way as WWW and sister shelter site, Domaine. “We consult with doctors and health experts and talk a lot about foods you can eat to help your skin or when you should be juicing and if you should be juicing,” continues Aboutaleb.

And no beauty bible is complete without product reviews. Aboutaleb says, “We’re reviewing products as consumers and as regular women in a beautiful, glossy way, and we’re offering tips from hair and makeup artists.” For example, a recent expert opinion detailed more than a handful of ways to wear coral lipstick, like matte and pale retro, while a bi-monthly Get the Look column breaks down every product used to achieve flawless red carpet looks. With three new posts daily and newsy tidbits making sure you never miss a release, Byrdie proves to be a bombshell of a site. byrdie.com.

Written by Alisa Wolfson