C California Style

Dr. Harold Lancer's Beverly Hills office. PHOTO: Courtesy of Dr. Lancer/Lancer Skincare Clinic.

Ray of Light

by C California Style

Welcome to the world of Dr. Harold Lancer.

The well-known Beverly Hills cosmetic dermatologist is famous for producing that golden glow—thanks to an injection here, microdermabrasion there and sometimes a pixel laser for pigmentation.

After all, Lancer is famous for having the latest in lasers at his fingertips. These days, his favorite is a CO2 fractional by Lutronic. Under his watchful eye and steady hand, it can improve skin texture, refine pore size and remove fine lines without a visit to the hospital.

The good doctor brings his refined taste to everything he does—from his sunny offices perched above the Armani boutique on Rodeo Drive to the newly designed, three-step Lancer Skincare line. He has even added anti-aging products such as the new Lift Serum Intense, which has similar stem cell components of the coveted office facials.

The 10,000-square-foot, Cosimo Pizzulli-designed office comes complete with a wrap-around terrace, a serenity rock garden patio and a small efficiency apartment for Lancer.

“We wanted to create the best space, design and aesthetic possible,” he says while shuttling in and out of his 10 state-of-the-art exam rooms. Names such as Oprah, Victoria Beckham and Daphne Guinness are devotees. For certain clients, there’s even a special room to ensure discretion.

Every last detail of the cosmetic empire is a Lancer decision. He curates the art, rotating it between the lavish offices, his home and even lending it out when requested by a particular gallery or museum.

“I pick pieces carefully that represent creativity and beauty,” says Dr. Lancer as he breezes by a Picasso. “This requires an environment that feels like a place of beauty, not just a doctor’s office.” 310-278-8444; lancerdermatology.com.

Written by Susan Campos