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Natasha Gregson Wagner with her mother, Natalie Wood. PHOTO: Globe photo.

Scent of a Woman

by C California Style

In time for Mother’s Day, actress Natasha Gregson Wagner and her sister, Courtney, recently unveiled the evocative floral-citrus fragrance Natalie Eau de Parfum,

which pays tribute to their legendary mother, the late Natalie Wood (doe-eyed star of Rebel Without a Cause and West Side Story, to name just two). Here, Natasha expounds on inspiration old and new.

What prompted this project? After the birth of my daughter Clover, I started thinking more about my mother’s legacy and how important it was to me to keep that alive. Having a baby shifts your focus…I was able to see my mom in a new light. The comfort of her smell is something that has always been with me, and I began to talk to my younger sister Courtney about re-creating it with a modern twist.

The fragrance is inspired by your mother’s signature scent, Jungle Gardenia—how does this one vary from it? I live next door to an orange orchard and one of my favorite smells is the orange blossoms in the morning. I wanted to layer that smell onto the gardenia to create something a little crisper. I worked for about a year with a perfumer in New York, Claude Dir, who was very patient and very talented at creating natural smells.

Your mother’s signature is on the bottle—where did you take it from? The love letters that she wrote to my dad [Robert Wagner]. nataliefragrance.com.