C California Style

Scents and Sensibility

by C California Style

Strange Invisible Perfumes presents a redesigned boutique as thoughtful as its fragrances.

Alexandra Balahoutis opened her first botanical fragrance boutique, Strange Invisible Perfumes, in a bungalow on Abbot Kinney Boulevard back in 2003 for one simple reason: “[It’s] where I wanted to spend my days,” she says. “Back then, there were practically tumbleweeds floating down the street, but we always managed to attract the right customer.”

There’s no denying that Venice’s famed thoroughfare has elevated its status in the past decade, and Strange Invisible’s 700-square-foot shop has evolved with it. With help from Mark Rose Interiors, Balahoutis reimagined the space as a modern boudoir with a sophisticated, textural mix of marble, velvet, bronze and crystal accents. Highlights include brass and clay tiles from India and a Parisian chandelier, c. early 1900s.

“Our aesthetic has evolved dramatically but gradually over time. It took a while to distill its elements into something slightly less decorative, but still rich with detail,” she explains. “The fragrances are all made with such precious raw materials, so the boutique had to be as well.” 1138 Abbot Kinney Blvd., Venice, 310-314-1505; siperfumes.com.

Edited by Jenny Murray.