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The C List: Victoria Tsai

by C California Style

In 2009, while visiting Kyoto, Japan, San Francisco denizen Victoria Tsai discovered an ancient book of geisha beauty secrets, which she brought to life with the launch of her brand, Tatcha, later that year.

 “I was amazed to learn that the geisha’s skin-care practice relies on ingredients identical to the Japanese diet: seaweed, green tea and rice,” says Tsai of the three staples that form the basis of her luxe formulas. We asked Tsai how she stays balanced. • Nijiya Market in S.F. for Japanese pantry essentials. nijiya.com. • Yolanda Mata in L.A., whose facials focus on lymphatic drainage—I always leave with a sculpted face. yolanda@tatcha.com. • True Sake for the handcrafted sake in stunning packaging. truesake.com. • The Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park. japaneseteagardensf.com. • Tatcha Luminous Deep Hydration Revitalizing Eye Masks when I travel. tatcha.com.

 Written by Caroline Cagney.
PHOTO: Miki.