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An outdoor lounge at Lindvall’s Topanga Canyon property, Greenleaf Oasis, is built for relaxing. PHOTO: Chris Chandler.
A garden path cuts through the lush mountain plantings. PHOTO: Chris Chandler.
The home can accommodate up to 10 guests for three-day retreats. PHOTO: Chris Chandler.
Lindvall, a preternaturally youthful 36-year-old mother of two, makes a compelling case for healthy, wellness-focused living. PHOTO: Chris Chandler.

Balancing Act

by C California Style

Model Angela Lindvall opens her expansive Topanga property as a retreat for wellness seekers in one of Southern California’s favorite hippie idylls.

For a certain population of spiritual acolytes—yogis, chakra cleansers, shamanistic raindrop therapists—the village of Topanga, just north of Los Angeles, is the center of the universe. Or a vortex, according to local New Age lore, because of its position between the ocean and the mountains, where healing arts and eccentricity thrive.

“I can feel a physical shift when I turn off of PCH and drive up here,” says Angela Lindvall, model, environmental activist and proud owner of a multi-acre property near the village, which she has transformed into a wellness retreat called Greenleaf Oasis. “It’s so close to Santa Monica and the [San Fernando] Valley, but it’s another world completely.”

For the past two years, Lindvall has been devising the ultimate wellness retreat program: a three-night stay at her rustic property, which features a deep emerald pool, a barn, access to hiking trails and the requisite yurt. Lindvall has pulled together a dream team of healers well-versed in the language of “transformation from within”: food by Urban Remedy founder, acupuncturist and certified Chinese herbalist Neka Pasquale; yoga with Sukhdev Jackson, a renowned Kundalini instructor; plus facials, massages and innovative bodywork therapies.

“Personally, I’ve been on this journey for a while now, and I’ve met all of these amazing people along the way,” she says. “My home has been kind of a sacred space where I have my friends over for yoga or to do cleanses. I had five acres here for a long time. When I was able to buy five acres next door, it really came to life and I knew I could open it up to guests. The plan is to start our farming initiatives and eventually grow all of the food for the retreat here, too.”

The property can accommodate five guests in private rooms, or up to 10 guests in shared rooms, and can be booked for group events. “The idea was to create a space where people can de-stress and reconnect to themselves,” says Lindvall, who has plans for morning beach walks, hikes, even the occasional “ecstatic dance” class. “I want it to be fun,” she adds.

The first Re-New Retreat is scheduled for this summer from July 23-26 and, if all goes according to plan, Lindvall will host up to five per year. Down the line, she may even expand to open an Ayurvedic healing day spa.

“Something wonderful happens when people come together to offer each other support and compassionate understanding,” says Lindvall, who is speaking about the positive energy that develops among the guests at a retreat, but could also be referring to the community of Topanga in general. “It’s the power of collective intention.” Rates from $2,200 per person; greenleafoasis.org.

By Christine Lennon.