C California Style

Exposed monumental in blackened bronze.
Unfinished work in fiberglass in the artist's studio.

Beautiful Things

by C California Style

“I think I was always a full-time artist,” says former interior designer Kathy Taslitz.

“I just didn’t call myself that.” Today, the Chicago native constructs her work—sculpture that takes a cue from the natural world—in a light-filled studio next to a metal foundry in downtown L.A. Using the ancient “lost wax” method, Taslitz crafts latticework leaves in bronze, and faces that appear composed of flora and fauna in polished silver. She’s delving into a new medium, too: fiberglass. Collectors—including Monique Lhuillier, Domenico and Eleanore De Sole, and the Saudi Royal Family—can visit her studio for the first time this month to see finished pieces and works in progress which incorporate projected images and sounds recorded from Taslitz’s “field work” outdoors. Mar. 6; 3499 E. 15th St., L.A.; kathytaslitz.com.

Written and edited by Elizabeth Khuri Chandler
Photographed by Stefanie Keenan