C California Style

A foliage-dense tablescape by The Plant Library. PHOTO: Michael Radford.
Bloom & Plume. PHOTO: Maurice Harris.
Luna Gardens Events. PHOTO: Wind Productions.
Amy Blessing. PHOTO: David Robert Jones.
The Plant Library. PHOTO: Michael Radford.

Emerald Aisle

by C California Style

The latest trend in wedding arrangements is all about greenery. Here, four of our favorite sources.

THE PLANT LIBRARY Prompted by an increased demand for plant-based installations, Danielle Rowe of Berkeley’s Brown Paper Design started growing her own vegetation, a project that has since evolved into full-fledged venture The Plant Library. In addition to custom collections, Rowe offers desert, evergreen and native groupings paired with Mexican and artisanal pottery, all for rent. “I think greenery intensifies the level of texture and elegance. Nature has a way of growing a branch in the perfect spot, always in balance with the rest of the plant, so there is a harmony that is never contrived,” she says. Her latest obsession? “Native California cuttings like loquat branches and banana leaves balanced with delicate plumose and cat grass.” theplantlibrary.com.

AMY BLESSING Growing up in Portland, Oregon, Amy Blessing was always taken with the year-round greenery—from moss-covered trunks and brick pathways to ivy-laden overpasses. So it’s no surprise that when she moved to California and began designing special events she was more interested in the leaves at the market than the flowers. “I love the idea of bringing the outdoors inside, and using greenery is the best way to accomplish this. Green goes with everything,” says the L.A.-based event designer. Blessing also appreciates the versatility of plants and branches, which are easier to sculpt, crawl and hang (and last longer than flowers). And there is no compromise on fragrance, she finds: “Pine and fir are so refreshing in the colder months, and the smell of eucalyptus reminds me of visiting Northern California as a young girl.” 213-400-1127.

BLOOM & PLUME Maurice Harris’ striking installations create natural opulence and the right amount of drama with non-floral options such as acacia, opium pods and his signature, mint. Harris is sought after by brides looking for “something impactful, transformative and romantic but not overtly feminine,” says the florist. And using greenery doesn’t mean compromising on dimension and color variation: “Chocolate tones in geranium leaves play well against mint or sage, and the gray hues in eucalyptus balance variegated greens like Italian pittosporum,” explains Harris. @bloomandplume; bloomandplume.com.

LUNA GARDENS EVENTS Known for using pavé, tea and monstera leaves to bring color to plant-themed wedding decor, Luna Gardens Events has mastered the art of unexpected foliage. “Creating textures and bringing elegance to an event is just as achievable using various breeds of bunched exotic leaves, mosses, succulents and wheatgrasses as it is using florals,” says co-owner and designer Ricardo Luna. “And for those making organic and other eco-friendly choices, planted greenery is the perfect complement.” lunagardensevents.com.

Written and Edited by Andrea Stanford.