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PHOTO: Dimitry Loiseau.

Funny Girl

by C California Style

Breakout actress Laura Ramsey holds her own in fall’s must-see comedy.

“Before I had even learned how to pronounce Niçoise, a beautiful lady asked me if I was an actress. I said yes,” remembers Laura Ramsey, who was waiting tables at Le Petit Four in West Hollywood when übermanager Lena Roklin first discovered her. The very next day, the Wisconsin-born hopeful booked her first audition and has since appeared in Lords of Dogtown, “Mad Men” and, this month, stars as the widowed Angelina opposite funnymen Owen Wilson and Zach Galifianakis in Are You Here, a comedy about the nitty gritty of family inheritances and tangled friendship. “I think humor is a sign of intelligence. You can’t be taught to be funny. You have it or you don’t,” says the Los Angeles-based actress and mother who describes herself as a traveling, cooking and farmers’ market junkie. On whether she would ever appear on Galifianakis’ comedy talk show “Between Two Ferns,” Ramsey boldly quips, “Bring it on, Zach!”

Written by Megan Meyer.