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PHOTO: Justin Coit.
PHOTO: Eva Salvi.

Hit Repeat

by C California Style

With a debut EP, singer-songwriter Conrad Sewell is on the verge of massive exposure.

With honey-colored locks and a sweet voice to match, singer-songwriter Conrad Sewell couldn’t stay an indie secret for long. Last year, he lent his vocals to Norwegian “It” DJ Kygo’s exotic tropical-house beat hit “Firestone,” launching his name with more than 200 million YouTube views. Then in November, Sewell’s soulful smash ballad “Start Again” won Song of the Year at ARIA, Australia’s  answer to the Grammys. Now his new pop, R&B (and hint of Motown) debut EP, All I Know, and recent U.S. circuit mean that the 28-year-old Brit-slash-Aussie (he was born in London but moved to Brisbane at age 8) is about to hit the big time. These days the Los Angeles-based crooner, who cites early Michael Jackson, The Temptations and Sam Cooke as major influences, is keeping on point: “Write, record, go out on tour,” says Sewell, who has already hit the road with Maroon 5 and Ed Sheeran. “It’s a very old-school way of thinking.” conradofficial.com.

Written and edited by ELIZABETH KHURI CHANDLER.