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In the Loop

by C California Style

Discover mesmerizing copper-wire sculptures crafted by D’lisa Creager

A selection of D’LISA CREAGER’s signature copper-wire sculptures (clockwise from top left): Medusa, Moonwalker, Lion’s Mane and a work in progress. Prices upon request.

After attending an art workshop on wire looping taught by artist/educator Aiko Cuneo (daughter of Ruth Asawa, a famed wire sculptor and student of Josef Albers) 10 years ago, L.A. artist D’lisa Creager was compelled to explore the medium herself. Since then, her mesmerizing large-scale sculptures of looped copper wire, admired for their organic intricacy, have captured the attention of fans such as antiques dealer Joel Chen, designer Windsor Smith and architect Leslie Dowling. A book of hand-drawn organisms by 19th-century zoologist Ernst Haeckel inspired her latest works, in which the academic (she holds a doctorate in social psychology) seeks to “capture the complexity of creatures”; California’s northern coast is also an enduring muse. “It’s hard not to be inspired by such peace and natural beauty,” says Creager. dlisacreagersculpture.com.

Photography by SAM FROST.

This article originally appeared in the November 2017 issue of C Magazine.