C California Style

It’s a Sign

by C California Style

From abstract neon sculptures to provocative fluorescent signs, a new exhibition, “Let There Be (More) Light,” explores …

 politics, social critique and dialogue through an incandescent lens. Taking over the newly minted Jessica Silverman Gallery South (an intimate pop-up space across from its larger mainstay), the show features 22 installations from talents such as Nina Canell, the late Jason Rhoades, and L.A.-based Andrea Bowers, while nodding to early pioneers of the medium like Robert Irwin. Oct. 13-Nov. 19; 495 Ellis St., S.F., 415-255-9508; jessicasilvermangallery.com.

Written by Danielle DiMeglio.
PHOTO: Courtesy of Jonathan Monk and Casey Kaplan, New York.