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THE KILLS are among the performers at this year’s FESTIVAL OF DISRUPTION.
The facade of THE THEATRE AT ACE HOTEL in Downtown L.A.
Mastermind DAVID LYNCH.
A scene from the inaugural fest.
BON IVER is also set to take the stage this year.

Mindful Meeting

by C California Style

David Lynch, in all likelihood, is in your head.

From the dream sequences in Twin Peaks’ Red Room to the auteur’s ethereal single with Lykke Li, “I’m Waiting Here,” to the murky underworld of Los Angeles night clubs in Mulholland Drive, his projects have a way of lingering in the psyche. In October, the hallucinatory surrealism of Lynch’s noirish narratives inspires a host of talks, performances, exhibitions and screenings at Downtown L.A.’s Theatre at Ace Hotel during the second immersive Festival of Disruption, benefiting the artist’s eponymously named Transcendental Meditation foundation. The lineup, a combination of artists Lynch “knows, admires or loves,” according to Erik Martin, chief creative officer of David Lynch Foundation Live, includes The Kills, Bon Iver, DJ sets by Moby and Shepard Fairey, art by William Eggleston, and meditation to Brian Eno’s ambient album Reflection. “Since L.A. is so central to David’s creative force, [director Thom Anderson’s 2003 documentary] Los Angeles Plays Itself is selected to illuminate how the city truly inspires his work,” says Martin, hinting that Lynch himself is likely to speak. “And there’s no one better to talk about the L.A. mystique than [artist] Ed Ruscha,” who is also on the bill. Let the brain bending begin. October 14-15. 933 S. Broadway, L.A., 213-235-9614; festivalofdisruption.com.

Photography courtesy of the DAVID LYNCH FOUNDATION.


This article originally appeared in the October 2017 issue of C Magazine.