C California Style

Sweet Emotion

by intern

A rock prodigy and her actor beau find perfect harmony

In the summer of 2011, Jon Foster and Chelsea Tyler met at a party in Brooklyn, through their mutual friend Zöe Kravitz. “When we first started dating, we would say, ‘I miss you bad bad’ or ‘I need you bad bad,’” Tyler remembers. The phrase stuck and is now the moniker of their band. An accomplished actor (Tenderness, “Accidentally on Purpose”), Foster, 28, plays drums, piano, guitar and bass. Tyler, 24, the third daughter of rock legend Steven Tyler, is equally blessed as a vocalist. In their home near Venice Beach, the couple turned a closet into a studio and recorded their June debut album. A summer-long tour (with shows scheduled at several Lucky Strike venues) kicked off last month at the Cosmopolitan in Vegas. “I grew up on the road with Aerosmith, so in that way [music] was ingrained in me. I would say I learned to sing more from my obsession with Lauryn Hill,” says Tyler. Defining badbad’s jazzy, blues electronic sound (one single is a cover of Nina Simone’s “Sinnerman”), “It’s music that makes you dance, evokes emotion and is cathartic.”

Written and edited by Kelsey McKinnon