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Taking Flight

by C California Style

Surf Air debuts new express membership

California-based commuter airline Surf Air now offers an express membership, granting travelers the ability to book single seats on its routes in California, Nevada, Texas and Western Europe.

Launched as a private air travel membership club catering to frequent business fliers and other jet-setters, Surf Air eliminates some of the inconveniences associated with flying commercial (think long lines, crowds and waits at the baggage claim) and instead offers the ability to get from point A to point B on time and in comfort. Available to anyone, the new Surf Air Express membership does away with the airline’s fixed monthly fee and instead makes the entire route network available on a per-seat basis after an annual fee of $2,500, ultimately offering the same perks—a concierge, a private lounge, no lines and time saved—and greater month-to-month flexibility. For a limited time, travelers can enjoy special preferential flight pricing by participating in the Surf Air Express Indiegogo campaign. surfair.com.

Written by MARIE LOOK.