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Tastemaker: Laird Hamilton

by C California Style

Fueling up with the surf legend

Laird Hamilton. Photography by Jennifer Cawley – Laird apparel.

Big-wave surfer Laird Hamilton was born in an experimental saltwater tank at UCSF, a fitting beginning to his lifelong pursuit of water-based innovations. From pioneering aerial 360s, tow-in and foil surfing, and stand-up paddleboarding, to developing underwater resistance workouts with his wife, Gabrielle Reece, Hamilton isn’t one to sit around (unless he’s in a sauna or submerged in an ice bath pushing the limits of his body’s thermoregulation). The extreme athlete, who splits his time between Malibu and Kauai, is equally inventive in his approach to food, foraging locally as he seeks new waves around the world. The biodiversity and nutrient density he’s found on his travels inspired him to pen a new cookbook, Fuel Up (Assouline, $50), a compilation of more than 50 protein-rich dishes and, naturally, a chapter devoted to hydration. “If you eat what makes you feel clean, you start craving what you’re consuming. It’s a cycle,” he says. Here, a few things that catch Hamilton’s eye when the waves are flat. lairdhamilton.com.



This article originally appeared in the Summer 2018 issue of C Magazine.