C California Style

The Art of Surfing

by C California Style

Founder John McCambridge’s retail-shop-slash-art-space was christened Mollusk because the surfer wanted something “fractal.”

“There are so many cool variations on a mollusk,”  he says of the plentiful invertebrate. “The same sort of variations that go into a surfboard or a piece of art.” His Irving Street space channels an artsy Mission School vibe, combined with a hardy, craftsman feel. Hand-shaped surfboards are propped near a boat with a geometric carapace designed by artist Jay Nelson, a friend, whose tree houses, campers and art installations have museum cred; local artists’ work is available for sale; clothing features graphics by McCambridge’s wife, Johanna St. Clair; and on an impromptu basis, artists such as legendary surf photographer Jeff Divine show up to give slide shows and tell war stories about the ’70s. “You’ve got to entertain people, too,” notes McCambridge. mollusksurfshop.com.

Written and edited by Elizabeth Khuri Chandler.