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Joshua Roth in front of an Alex Israel artwork. PHOTO: Curtis Buchanan.

The C List: Joshua Roth

by C California Style

Canvassing L.A. with arts attorney Joshua Roth.

Now on the acquisition committee at LACMA, the board of LA><ART and chair of the just-announced Director’s Council at MOCA, Joshua Roth, at only 36, is grooming the city’s next generation of cultural leadership while concurrently building a corporate finance specialization that represents collectors, creators and galleries alike. Perhaps good taste is genetic: father Steven is one of the city’s foremost (and most generous) arts patrons, and Joshua has been building his own art collection filled with names like Sterling Ruby and Mark Hagen for 15 years.

HOT SPOT Downtown and along the Highland Avenue corridor.

WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES Before buying anything, take a year and meet artists; find out which galleries to go to.

HOLD ON After you’ve held a piece for a time, then you can argue the fair market value is higher.

GENEROSITY Spreading out giving and selling helps cover tax liability.

SHOWTIME If you’re from L.A., Mike Kelley’s exhibition at MOCA (through July 28) is like required reading. Whether you like it or not, have a discussion on why this is important to art history. glaserweil.com.

Written by Alison Clare Steingold.