C California Style

PHOTO: Lovis Ostenrik.
KRISTY EDMUNDS calls Table Top Shakespeare “micro-puppetry.” PHOTO: Hugo Glendinning.

The Enlightened Impresario

by C California Style

We asked curator Kristy Edmunds, executive and artistic director of UCLA’s Center for the Art of Performance, to detail the ingredients in her special programming sauce.

How does your diverse background in the arts inform your choices? I approach being an artistic director with a great amount of empathy for artists’ thinking practices: What fires their creativity and what preoccupies their obsessions? How do I then make sure that I’m traveling as close as I can to that journey? Standout performance you’re looking forward to this winter? Forced Entertainment’s Table Top Shakespeare (Dec. 6-11). It’s all 36 Shakespearean plays done in the form of a single actor sitting at a long table synthesizing the entire play…boiling it down to the essentials and using objects you can go buy at the local drugstore. How does L.A. differ from other places you’ve worked in the world? I think there’s a real convergence of people in administrative leadership who have led very creative lives actively championing artists around the world. We recognize that while we have our institution, we have to look after the arts ecology in the whole city—because looking after L.A.’s art ecology touches the whole world. cap.ucla.edu.

Edited by Elizabeth Khuri Chandler.