C California Style

ALISON BERGER Aura pendant, price upon request, hollyhunt.com. PHOTO: Joshua White.

At First Light

by C California Style

“My original California home was a beach bungalow, and the pure, unfiltered west light it offered was

something I’d never experienced before,” says contemporary glass designer Alison Berger, who became fascinated with optics while catching fireflies as a child. “All of my work has been made in Southern California and it tells a story of the quality of light here.”

Known for her highly conceptual fixtures and glass vessels (her Cage Pendant debuting this fall is worthy of a patent for its innovation and complexity), the L.A.-based artist is strongly informed by her architectural past. Columbia University-trained Berger worked as an architect for several years, including a post at Frank Gehry’s firm, before devoting herself full time to her craft in 1995.

This fall, Skira Rizzoli is publishing a retrospective on her designs spanning the last 20 years entitled Alison Berger: Glass and Light by Matilda McQuaid ($65). “I feel privileged to have a body of work that inspired a book. It was wonderful to recount my process, the historical path of my creative evolution,” says Berger. alisonbergerglassworks.com

Written and edited by Andrea Stanford.