C California Style

Composition Theory

by C California Style

One NorCal artist expresses herself through multiple media…and personalities.

From her light-filled studio in San Francisco, artist Jen Garrido produces a wide range of projects: fine art paintings and watercolors (some of which are for sale at Anthropologie), textiles, wedding invitations, notebooks and pillows. She has even collaborated with husband Josh Duthie of Chairtastic and the Woodshop collective on a beach lounger. Garrido operates under the alter ego Jenny Pennywood for her graphic design and illustrative work—in order to distinguish her fine art career—but the inspiration for both personas is the same: “Color, pattern, line quality, shape, form, composition, movement, gesture, texture and the physicality of the materials,” she says. This spring, the artist will debut a line of kids backpacks and sleeping bags for San Francisco’s Shelter Co. She is also opening an online shop (jenniferjennyjenjen.bigcartel.com) where she will sell original works on paper. jennypennywood.com; jengarrido.com.