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ETC.ETERA Block coffee table in square, from $3,250. Photography by jake rodehuth-harrison. background artwork: robert breer.
A breakfast nook in a residential project in Los Feliz features Lawson-Fenning Morro chairs and a quirky painting by artist Rose Walton. Photography by tessa neustadt.
The Chapter 9 suite at the recently expanded HOTEL COVELL. Photography by tessa neustadt.
Breer and JAKE RODEHUTH-HARRISON. Photography by hamish robertson.
Figurative paintings and a custom mirror adorn the living room of SALLY BREER’s former Frogtown loft. Photography by laure joliet.
The design firm’s festive headquarters. Photography by jake rodehuth-harrison.

Elements of Surprise

by C California Style

etc.etera’s debut furniture collection is just the latest chapter in an uncommon story

Design firm Etc.etera’s studio looms large on an unremarkable strip of Glendale Boulevard in Los Angeles’ Historic Filipinotown. A “Happy Birthday” mural calls out to passersby from the building’s industrial facade, a vivid display of bubble letters painted over a rust background co-founder Jake Rodehuth-Harrison lovingly describes as “1980s Santa Fe.”   

“We knew we didn’t want to put our name on the building—that just feels too obvious—so we thought: What’s something that would make someone’s day if they saw it?” explains Rodehuth-
Harrison, who previously worked as creative director at vintage-modern furniture brand Lawson-Fenning. “It’s always someone’s birthday.”

You could argue it’s the perfect visual metaphor for the company he co-founded with designer Sally Breer (whose client list includes Zooey Deschanel and Hilary Duff) in 2016. The duo excels at infusing narrative-driven elements into the everyday. This manifests in their hospitality work at hotelier Dustin Lancaster’s beloved Hotel Covell in Los Feliz (originally conceptualized by Breer to reflect the worldly tastes of her fictional muse, George Covell), and throughout their residential portfolio: A recent project features a forest green-tiled powder room with a vintage 1970s zodiac mirror, inspired by the Ministry of Magic from Harry Potter—a nod to the clients’ predilection for J.K. Rowling’s series.

This fall, the pair is debuting a furniture collection inspired by the bold color palette and silhouettes of the Memphis design movement and the simple geometry of the Seven Wonders of the World. The customizable pieces aspire to be “simple at first glance,” Rodehuth-Harrison says. The Block coffee table, for example, is available in three shapes (square, circle and octagon) and conceptualized to be reinvented: The top can be switched out, and the base can be moved around the table’s edge to change the piece’s profile.

They are also launching a new by-appointment showroom inside their studio, divided into a small gallery space (the first featured artist will be Kim Swift, who has collaborated with Breer and Rodehuth-Harrison on a cheeky wallpaper pattern of breast imprints) and an immersive showcase of vignettes pairing vintage pieces with their own.

Alongside all of this, another hospitality project looms: the Arts District-set Firehouse Hotel, slated to open for the holiday season. The venture reunites them with Lancaster, and will include a restaurant and coffee-bar-cum-gift-shop on the ground floor, where Breer and Rodehuth-Harrison will sell robes, slippers and valet trays they are making for the guest rooms, plus other exclusive collaborations. “Our idea is: Can there be things for sale that give us an opportunity to work with an artist that we really like?” Breer says. “It’s a playground.” 142 Glendale Blvd., L.A., 213-266-8379; etcforshort.com.