C California Style

Sidewalk Surfer, Huntington Beach, 1976, by Hugh Holland, $60, Wax Poster. PHOTO: Hugh Holland.
DITZY 1, 2014, by Sadie Laska, $55, The Posters. PHOTO: Courtesy of ThePosters.co.

Frame Work

by C California Style

Two new L.A.-based ventures offer an affordable way to …

get your foot in the art world: E-commerce site The Posters stocks a tightly curated selection of lithographs from of-the-moment artists (with portions of proceeds going toward art education), while Wax Poster teams up with M+B gallery to sell large-scale prints from some of California’s most influential talents. waxposter.com; theposters.co.

Written by Jennie Nunn and Lindsay Kindelon.