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An Ojai wedding.
Radish Catering. PHOTO: Mademoiselle Fiona.
Anne Robin Calligraphy.
Hanging plants at the park. PHOTO: Les Loups.
Vintage family photos. PHOTO: Elisabeth Millay.
Peartree florals.

Frequent Flyers

by C California Style

From Los Angeles to New York and back again, Firefly Events enjoys bicoastal bliss.

From a two-week turnaround to a couple who wanted to drive a DeLorean down the aisle, Firefly Events has been fielding challenges since 2009, when the planning company launched in L.A. Teissia Treynet and Alia Wilson’s goal is originality—something achieved with installations like hanging centerpieces and “anti-ballroom wedding” spaces in New York like The Bowery Hotel, The Foundry, Wave Hill House and Glenmere Mansion; and collaborations with Les Loups, Saipua, Tree of Life Films, Rebecca Shepherd Floral Design, Nine Cakes and Winsome Brave. “We love combining over-the-top artistic elements with simple, classic details,” says Treynet.

But after moving to New York in 2011, it will be nice to omit the 200 umbrellas for any given backup plan as the duo returns with a second office in Downtown L.A. Here out west, the list jumps from venues in Ojai, Napa and Palm Springs to tucked away gems like Figueroa Mountain Farmhouse, Post Ranch Inn and Rancho del Cielo. Some of their favorite vendorsinclude Jen Huang, Nick Radford, Shotgun Floral Studio, DJ Bill, Elisabeth Millay, Anne Robin Calligraphy and Elan Artists. With the expansion, they’re looking forward to working with Moon Canyon, Whoa Nelly Catering, Room Forty, Urban Palate and Urbanic Paper Boutique. The more, the merrier. “It’s really important to us that the weddings we plan are fun,” says Treynet. “It is a party, after all!” firefly-events.com

By Alison Clare Steingold.