C California Style

Isabel Marant’s West Hollywood exterior garden. PHOTO: Isabel Marant, Montalba Architects and Franklin Azzi Architects photo by Erik Otsea.

Great Outdoors

by C California Style

In L.A.’s drive-by culture, landscape design requires a different approach,

and Judy Kameon of Elysian Landscapes has mastered the get-noticed garden, from Balenciaga’s black beauty, emphasizing dark plantings, to the chromatic study that graces Isabel Marant’s Melrose Place outpost. In addition to the scale and graphic compositions, it is the contrast that is another of Kameon’s distinguishing signatures. “I love to use different shades of metal, like silver, bronze, iron and gold,” she says. “It brings richness and depth to a palette, whether it’s black gravel or shimmery foliage.” Still, it’s the wild card of nature that she loves most. “Landscape design is a play between man and nature, control and chaos, which makes for incredibly dynamic environments.” elysianlandscapes.com.

Written and edited by ANDREA STANFORD.