C California Style

X PALEVSKY Le May desk, $8,500, Trio side table, $1,450, Starburst Marquetry dining table, $12,000, vintage desk chair in geometric fabric, $1,800, vintage midcentury chairs, $2,800 for the pair, and table accessories, from $75.

High Concept

by C California Style

“As I was going through the process of building it out, I came up with the idea of thematics,” says Alison Palevsky of developing her eponymous lifestyle boutique and art gallery concept, Palevsky.

Home to a selection of artwork, furniture, accessories and themed shows, the Brentwood locale is a testament to Palevsky’s promise: “You’re not going to see the same thing elsewhere.” Seasonal revamping is built into the store’s DNA. For the “Holy Wood—A Shrine to Los Angeles” fall show, pieces from the likes of Ellen von Unwerth, Norman Seeff and David Drebin explore fame, image and celebrity. And because the new season is also about “highlighting the modern-day talents of emerging and established L.A.-based and -inspired artists,” the space will feature design studio Harvey Lynch’s window installation and a one-of- a-kind chandelier by Downtown glass artist Uri Davillier of Neptune Glass. The same artistic sensibility is translated into the store’s newly launched The Jewel Box, a fine jewelry collection curated by Rachael White in which “every piece is a conversation starter.” Whether it’s working with fine artists and local furniture builders, selecting home accessories or collaborating with private clients, a through-line explains Palevsky’s philosophy and “Holy Wood.” “I love unusual things with an element of craftsmanship,” she says. 11740 San Vicente Blvd., #115, L.A., 310-826- 0066; palevsky.co • JESSICA RITZ.

Edited by Andrea Stanford.
Photography by Suzanna Scott.