C California Style

$65, The Monacelli Press. PHOTO: Matthew Millman.
Architectural elements in a Montecito hills arcade: herringbone stonework, arches and hewn beams. PHOTO: Lisa Romerein.

In the Flow

by C California Style

“I love indoor-outdoor living since I grew up in Montecito.

Life was…so inherently charming and romantic,” says NorCal-based Suzanne Tucker, interior designer behind Tucker & Marks. In her second monograph, Interiors: The Romance of Design, she showcases her fair share of landscapes. For one Piedmont project, continuous flow of space even meant moving the pool. “I envisioned the wonderful pavilion at Lotusland, how it would be so seductive to move the pool [in order] to see it from the front entrance while looking through the solarium; and to build a pavilion 100 yards in the distance with a fireplace that would draw you down.” She outfitted the setting with inviting armchairs and lanterns. “It’s about creating a mood,” she adds, “a space that feels embracing.” tuckerandmarks.com.

Written by Alison Clare Steingold