C California Style

Out of Thin Air

by C California Style

L.A. artist Elyse Graham creates one-of-a-kind vases, one breath at a time.

For artist Elyse Graham, an unlikely combination of materials and process inspired a collection of vases that, while hollow, are filled with a certain mystery. “I love seeing people’s first reaction to my work—especially when they guess that it’s either glass or ceramic and I tell them it’s neither,” says Graham. The artist, who also produces the sculptural jewelry line Elephant Heart from her Lincoln Heights studio, casts her Drip Vases from balloons, coating the interiors with layers of resin and outside surfaces with plaster to spectacular, saturated effect. “I hand-mix the dyes and pigments as I work, so each piece is composed of a completely unique set of colors,” she explains. It marks Graham’s first foray into decorative objects, a practice she began just over a year ago. “Each balloon’s shape is informed by the breath it contains,” she adds. “I’m making a permanent, tangible object in the likeness of that invisible force.” From $125; elysegraham.com.

Excess resin drips out of the top of each hand- dyed vase, creating a frozen-in-motion effect.

Excess resin drips out of the top of each hand-dyed vase, creating a frozen-in-motion effect.

By Maile Pingel.
Edited by Amanda Tisch Weitzman.
PHOTO: Peter Bohler.