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HIGH CAMP SUPPLY “Untied Chic” long stem cuttings. PHOTO: Sean Dana Photography.
Deluxe Vine and Bloom box, $189. PHOTO: Sean Dana Photography.

Priority Mail

by C California Style

For Belvedere-based Margaret Wells and Susan Hanson, a friendship born of neighborly proximity led to a flower delivery revolution.

Launched a little over a year ago, High Camp Supply sources cut-to-order gardenias from farms throughout California, for elegantly packaged shipments of the evocative blooms. Inspired by the pair’s mutual nostalgia for the flower (in Hanson’s case, a reminder of living in Hawaii; for Wells, a recollection of her grandmother, who made the bloom a signature of her home), it is, in Wells’ words, “about the experience: opening the box and having this incredible punch of fragrance.” Since their first delivery—to one of S.F.’s most high-profile socialites—they have popped up on Oprah’s “Favorite Things” and in the homes of Hollywood royalty. They recently expanded their offerings to mixed cuttings, such as tuberose and Casablanca lilies, presented in lacquered, Old Hollywood-reminiscent boxes. “It’s much more lovely to personalize flowers in your own vases and vessels,” explains Hanson. “It should speak to your style and make a memory in your home.” highcampsupply.com.