C California Style

“You have to be very patient and calm when mixing the paints,” says Paige Cleveland of her new collection. “It’s a bit of a meditation, which I enjoy. And I love creating colors. It’s like playing with candy.” PHOTO: Nick Joseph.
Topo pillow, $225. PHOTO: Rick Rodney.
Color studies of the latest collection.

Ripple Effect

by C California Style

A Los Angeles textile designer applies her own color theory to a striking new line of pillows.

Textile designer Paige Cleveland admits she thinks about color incessantly. “It’s like sound in the way that it can immediately create an emotional reaction or mood,” says the founder of Downtown L.A.’s Rule of Three. Her new, made-to-order Marbled collection is influenced by the palette of late artist Cy Twombly’s images of Gaeta, Italy, as well as the hues in her grandfather’s photography of wheat harvests, and sand and shells procured from the beaches of Georgia’s Sea Islands. “I try to make all of the elements dance on the fabric,” she says of the hand-marbled pieces, the result of laborious process in which custom-blended permanent acrylic paints are applied to materials such as watercolor paper or silk. “It’s all quite nostalgic and romantic, but hopefully playful, too.” From $165; ruleofthreestudio.com.

Edited by Amanda Tisch Weitzman.
Written by Jennie Nunn.