C California Style

Schuyler Samperton Takes on Textiles

by C California Style

The designer’s debut fabric line conjures up coastal hues

Designer Schuyler Samperton. Photography by ALEXANDRE JARAS.

The bohemian modern-classic musings of Schuyler Samperton are now expanding to include a debut line of signature textiles, inspired by centuries-old Indian fabrics. “Both of my parents loved Indian patterns,” says the L.A.-based interior designer, who got her start apprenticing for Michael S. Smith nearly 20 years ago. “My mom was known for her signature headscarves and my father for his silk pocket squares.” Schuyler Samperton Textiles may recall the aesthetics of South Asia, but the multiple colorways of the collection’s eight designs take their cues from California. “Clearly the beauty of the coast has crept in,” Samperton says of the abundant blue hues. Crafted in fine Irish linen and printed in Switzerland, the series will be available at L.A.’s Hollywood at Home, Rooms & Gardens in Santa Barbara and Well Made Home in Larkspur. schuylersampertontextiles.com.


This article originally appeared in the Summer 2017 issue of C Magazine.