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PLÚS HÚS dwellings, from $37,000, are available in three different configurations, including a full option with a bathroom and kitchen. Photography by Art Gray Photography.

The Fab Life

by C California Style

Eco-conscious mini dwellings, delivered on-site

Dreamed up by Tryggvi Thorsteinsson and Erla Dögg Ingjaldsdóttir—the husband-and-wife design team behind the eco-conscious Santa Monica studio Minarc—Plús Hús is a modern, green and cost-effective mini dwelling that simplifies the process of adding detached square footage to your property. (The timely offering comes just as the state’s regulations on accessory dwelling units have eased.) Crafted from recycled steel and extruded polystyrene to ensure mold- and termite-resistance, each unit is produced in Downtown Los Angeles by Minarc’s prefab company, mnmMOD, before being flat-packed and delivered on-site for easy assembly. The 320-square-foot customizable Plús Hús can function as a guesthouse, yoga studio and beyond. theplushus.com.