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Artist Azadeh Shladovsky and her Skeptic mirrors, $8,650 each, and Solo seats, $5,500 each, all from her new Qualia collection. Photography by sam frost.
The Canon chair, $14,480, mimics the braille letter B.

The State of Decor

by C California Style

Meet California’s Avant-Garde Design Creatives

“If we aren’t freethinkers here in the Wild West, where else is it going to happen?” asks Azadeh Shladovsky with a laugh. Los Angeles provides this Tehran-born interior designer, artist and motorcyclist the space to pursue her creative truth. Through her high-concept furniture and object collections, Shladovsky has always challenged people to see differently. The themes of vision and perception are recurring ones for her, since a brain tumor tragically stole her daughter’s vision, and ultimately her life, almost a decade ago.

Shladovsky’s latest collection, Qualia, directly engages the braille alphabet—the silhouettes of her pieces mimic the symbols for specific letters. (For instance, a blue Dedar velvet chaise with a rolled backrest “reads” as the letter I.) The designer enlists talented local artisans to execute every detail—including hand-turning brass and casting acrylic, and color-matching paint to a range of jewel-tone fabrics. “If you know my work, you know me. It’s always a reflection of where I am in my life.” It’s clear that Shladovsky is in a beautiful place. By appointment only. 3645 10th Ave., L.A., 310-454-7139; azadehshladovsky.com.

Written by ALLISON BERG.


This article originally appeared in the April 2018 issue of C Magazine.