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ONLY LOVE IS REAL’s Carly Morgan sits on a Rainbow Bench in her Topanga Canyon living room. PHOTO: Wolk Morais.
Only Love is Real Tropical Tantrum étagère, price upon request. PHOTO: Yoshihiro Makino.
Only Love is Real custom sectional, price upon request. PHOTO: Yoshihiro Makino.

True Romance

by C California Style

True romance for designers Carly and Matthew Morgan, love and marriage go together like design and fine art.

When Carly and Matthew Morgan welcomed their daughter, Cookie, nearly two years ago, it was a call to arms to launch their furniture line, Only Love Is Real. “I was like, ‘It’s time to do what we feel most passionate about, so that our daughter is raised watching her parents do what they love,’” says Carly of the impetus behind embarking on the venture with her husband, Matthew, who previously worked as a sculpture fabricator (Carly’s resume includes jewelry label All for the Mountain and running the Malibu Canyon lifestyle fair Mercado Sagrado with partner Heather Culp). The Topanga-based couple’s conceptual pieces are crafted with the laws of sacred geometry in mind (“all of the angles in our work are divisible by three,” says Carly) blending mystical philosophy with high-art execution: from Slanted and Enchanted, a triangle-happy walnut éta-gère, to Old Friends, a fanciful bench featuring sculptural resin cones resembling mountains. Next up: The pair will tackle a redesign of Dream Café restaurant in San Francisco. madebythemorgans.com. MELISSA GOLDSTEIN