C California Style

CUFFHOME U Stool, $2,650. Photography by DANIEL HENNESSY.

Well Rounded

by C California Style

A star turn for furniture’s prevailing silhouette by L.A.’s Cuffhome

Pill-shaped, tufted, squiggle-lined or cylindrical — when it comes to trending furniture forms, hard edges are in scarce supply. Wendy Schwartz and Kristi Bender of Los Angeles-based interiors firm Cuffhome anticipated the infatuation with all things cornerless in their latest collection, Where Angles Meet Curves. Of course, the made-to-order, custom range is not all soft edges (see: their fabricated steel double triangle console), but it does lean to the curvilinear, including the latest addition to the offerings, the U Stool, pictured here in rust crackle leather and natural Douglas fir. “It’s a reaction to, and an attempt to soften, the angles of some of our earlier work,” Bender says. Envisioned as a companion to the pair’s shearling-topped U Bench, the minimal stool, with its nuanced texture and graceful form, wouldn’t feel out of place in a museum gallery — buttery smooth and inviting though it may be. cuffhome.com.