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A Nutrition Start-Up Gets Personal

by C California Style

Habit customizes meals based on biometrics and DNA

HABIT currently offers personalized food delivery in the San Francisco area, based on your dietary needs. The at-home test kit, $299.Photography courtesy of Habit.

After conducting a life-altering series of DNA and blood tests to understand his own dietary needs, Neil Grimmer, co-founder of Plum Organics, set out to launch nutrition start-up Habit. “It’s the first company to create a simple way for anyone to understand their body and what nutrients work best for it, offering a test-to-table solution,” says Grimmer. An easy-to-use at-home test factors in DNA and more than 60 nutrition-related blood and genetic biomarkers, biometrics and lifestyle choices to build personalized dietary suggestions; a consultation with a registered dietitian follows. “Habit provides recommendations based on your biology to know what your body needs and craves,” says Grimmer. habit.com.



This article originally appeared in the Summer 2017 issue of C Magazine.