C California Style

Canyon Coffee co-founders ALLY WALSH and CASEY WOJTALEWICZ. Chochajau, $16/12 oz. FRED L’AMI designed the packaging, which pays homage to the couple’s favorite artist, GEORGIA O’KEEFFE. PHOTO: Phill Chester. 

Brew Love

by C California Style

“We fell in love with the ritual of making coffee for each other at home,”

says model Ally Walsh, who, along with musician boyfriend Casey Wojtalewicz, conceived Canyon Coffee. “We wanted to create something designed to bring some extra warmth to people’s kitchens,” adds Walsh of the brand, which launched this fall with Chochajau, a medium-roast, certified-organic bean boasting a smooth, chocolaty body sourced from a small collective in Guatemala. In the works: handmade pour-over drippers by woodsmith Chad Hagerman, coffee-making equipment and a second bean. canyoncoffee.co.

Written by Sarah St. Lifer, Jessica Ritz and Kiki Georgiou.