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Cannabis Goes Gourmet with THC-Infused Olive Oil

by C California Style

San Francisco’s Pot d’Huile is elevating edibles

This article originally appeared in the March 2017 issue of C Magazine.


POT D’HUILE, 125ml, $42.50. PHOTO: Grace Sager.

Legal marijuana in California has yielded a brave new edible world beyond gummy bears and novelty sweets. Fresh on the food-with-benefits scene is San Francisco’s Pot d’Huile, an extra-virgin olive oil infused with the California-grown “Gorilla Cookies” cannabis flower strain. Pot d’Huile’s advanced THC extraction process appeals to those who want highly precise microdosing as much as they demand a smooth, neutral flavor profile. Convinced fans so far include San Francisco chefs Jorge Martinez of Loló and Bruce Hill. potdhuile.com.

Written by JESSICA RITZ.