C California Style

Down the Line

by C California Style

Recipes calling for 3-D printers are but a taste of sweet things to come.

Whether it resembles a take on napkin art or a vertebra done in delft, this flourish of hardened sugar represents the next step in culinary imagination—and it’s straight out of a Silverlake kitchen. In 2011, Kyle and Liz von Hasseln jerry-rigged an inkjet printer in order to craft a cake topper. After two years and a Euclidean playhouse of mini-geodesic domes for coffee, sculpted ribbons and molecular chain confections out of sugar, water and chocolate, the couple known as The Sugar Lab were named creative directors for the printing bakery of 3D Systems (top developers in the rapidly proliferating genre). Restaurants have cleared countertops for the forthcoming ChefJet Pro, poised to become the ultimate toy of high gastronomy. Meanwhile, the rest of us can snap up exclusive sets of Ombré Neon Sours and Geometric Peppermints on Cubify.com. Welcome to the future—and it’s deliciously sweet.

Written and edited by Alison Clare Steingold.
PHOTO: 3D Systems.