C California Style

Home, Sweet Home

by C California Style

Since moving to Los Angeles in 2011, a Belgian family of five has found the holidays have taken on even more significance:

“When you move to the other side of the world, your dear friends become family,” says Virginie Degryse, Crave and Cook blogger and mom of three, who is keeping her family’s traditions alive from her kitchen in Bel Air. What started as a ritual of baking with her mother on the weekends at a young age has turned into a full-time hobby for Degryse, with the new self-published Crave and Cook, A Christmas Cookbook ($20), to prove it. From classic Belgian dishes like stoemp to an Italian-inspired eggnog panna cotta, the tome is as much an ode to heartfelt home cooking as it is to Degryse’s worldly background: “I thought the book would be a way to share my lifestyle in the kitchen,” she says. Available at select L.A. boutiques and craveandcook.com

Written and edited by LESLEY McKENZIE.
PHOTO: Mikey Riva.