C California Style

Revival Made offerings include olive oil and honey.
The products are a staple on the Garvey family dinner table.
A winter alfresco gathering of family and friends in the vineyard.
Sean Garvey pulls the cork on the first vintage of their red blend FIELD GUIDE.

Made in Heaven

by C California Style

Winemakers Sean and Lindsay Garvey bring the field into the home with an artisanal food and lifestyle brand.

The story of husband-and-wife team Sean and Lindsay Garvey’s award-winning Revival Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon doesn’t begin in 2008, the year of its beloved first vintage. It starts in the 1970s when their families both migrated north from the Bay Area, determined to plant founding vineyards in the Napa Valley’s ripe soil. Lindsay’s father established Buehler Vineyards in St. Helena, while Sean’s folks founded Flora Springs Winery and Vineyard just a 20-minute drive over the Silverado Trail.

Decades later, Sean’s cousin hired Lindsay for a summer job at the Flora Springs tasting room. “[Sean and I] started dating almost immediately,” says Lindsay. Inseparable, the pair soon lifted off for an exploratory two years in New York: Sean selling his father’s wine and playing with his band by night; Lindsay, a photojournalism major, interning at Spin. In fairy-tale-like succession, the pair returned to Napa, married, had a child and hunkered down to do what felt right: make wine. Inspired by the products their parents made, the label—free of the unnatural additives used in the majority of California wines—was christened Revival. 

Upon release, it garnered a staggering 92 points from Wine Spectator, but the pair was more moved by the communal response to the website’s marketing video, a visual scrapbook of b-roll shot during harvest by their friend, Nashville-based producer John Moessner. The video depicts the duo, their infant son and Sean’s parents moving through the day’s work together. “I had a friend come up to me in the supermarket, tearing up and telling me how much it touched her,” says Lindsay. “We realized there was more to what we were doing than fermenting grapes.”

Thus lifestyle brand Revival Made was born, to encapsulate the familial connection between vines and home. Currently a collection of simple, elegant home goods, pantry, beauty and wellness products, the brand weaves effortlessly into everyday life. Today a bottle of Field Guide, its fluently drinkable red blend, is always on the Garveys’ dinner table. Lindsay pours Revival Made olive oil—organically farmed from their St. Helena estate—over hunks of Bellwether Farms ricotta cheese. And Sean drizzles Revival Made free-range honey—curated by Napa Valley “bee whisperer” Rob Keller—over a homemade apple galette. “We’re all about making things that are tangible and beautiful to round out the experience of our wine,” says Lindsay. “And we’re just in our infancy.” Beyond artisanal goods and wines, the duo hopes to unveil a Revival Made bourbon, the first spirit of its kind sourced 100 percent in the Napa Valley. Given the Garveys’ roots, you could say something so groundbreaking is in their blood. revivalmade.com.

Photography by DANIEL DENT.